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TechMart is managed by combined leadership and expertise of its officers and board of directors which represent many decades of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of industries. We are dedicated and committed professionals that provide a strong guiding force behind the company and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Goal

“ Technology Enhancer ”- This is who we are! Our goal is to provide first class professional consulting and computer products and services, to corporate and government sectors, in order to meet the demanding needs of today's dynamically changing business environment.

Fundamental to achieving this goal, is the ability to not only provide technical expertise, but to also provide a broad spectrum in on total operations management by providing the finest Business Solution in hardware, software and communication systems, as well as assuring that the customer has the training, support, and customer service to use the systems to their potential.

About Us

Since 2002, TechMart has customized and delivered Unique Business Solution to solved business problems with the effective use of technology. TechMart prides itself on providing solution that is sophisticated, flexible, and affordable. We are proud to be able to say that we have managed to achieve this goal in the past, and continue to strive for excellence.