Enterprise Storage

Navigating the storage architecture can be tricky. The storage architecture (DAS, NAS, SAN, Hybrid, Cloud) of your system is a critical component of data transfer and accessing vital information. It provides the foundation for data access across an enterprise. Depending on your operations and the needs of your business, specific storage architectures are necessary to harness the full potential of enterprise storage.



Scalable Storage

The Need For Flexibility And Scalability

With scalable storage approaches, organizations must evaluate the options against their data storage and analytics needs, as well as future architectures. The exponentially growing demand for storage puts a huge stress on traditionnal distributed storage systems. Storage scalability is the ability to provide satisfied capabilities when a storage system is increased in size in order to meet the data requirements.

Flash storage

Flash storage is a game-changer.

Flash storage is enabling IT transformation for organizations of every size. All-flash storage offers a wide variety of benefits from lowering latency and increasing IOPS per drive to consolidating workloads, shrinking hardware footprints, minimizing power consumption and reducing the cost of management.

Cloud Storage

Transform with Cloud Storage.

With the recent pandemic, organizations are digitally transforming faster than ever before, and leveraging the cloud to conduct business. This makes it more important than ever that your storage solution has built in tools for data management across this ecosystem.

Mission Critical Storage

When failure is not an option.

These mission-critical storage solutions are designed for your most demanding workloads with 100 percent availability, high performance, and high scalability. They offer a massively parallel, multi-node architecture delivering high resiliency and ultra low latency at scale, and all volumes are active on all controllers, host ports, and media at all times.