Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery

Simplify backup and recovery on-premises, public cloud and as a service for your growing enterprise. Whether you are seeking for the most flexible functionality or the most robust ransomware protection and recovery options.

Instant Object Recovery
Restoring the SQL record or data needed by user criteria, instead of a full recovery.

Instant OS Recovery
Recover and run your entire operating systems in seconds.

Instant Site Recovery
Recover your critical system to different location to meet your business needs and the scale of the disaster.

Continuous Data Protection
Real time backup which auto saves each copy of your changed data immediately.

Unified Data Protection
Single platform for all your data protection needs.

Bare metal restore
Restoring your entire system to a new environment without worrying the previous setup requirement.

Automate backup verification
Assure  data accuracy, completeness, and reliability for recovery.

Backup compliance
Stay fully equipped for the new world of compliance and meet long-term retention targets for a variety of regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and ITAR.

Global deduplication
Extreme cost saving method which reduce backup storage size by eliminating redundant or duplicate data.